June 8 - 18th 1914 "Steamship to Holland"
June 19-22 Holland
"Tulips and windmills"
June 22-July 23 Germany
"Kaiser in residence"
July 4 Munich to Austria
" ...with no fireworks"
July 5-8 Italy - Venice
"It seemed strange"
July 9 - 25 Switzerland
"Mountain climbing Victorian style"
July 25 - 29 Germany Princess Salm-Salm
"News of War"
July 30th
"War! So Endeth the Diary"
Question: Can anyone identify the car that Rachel Brewer Halsey is driving?

Aunt Ray's journal lay unread for many years until recently when my cousin asked me if I would like to have it. Originally I thought of it as a mere travelogue, but soon discovered the 87 year old book was a window to the past describing some sites that no longer exist, a town that is now in a different country due to WW II, (Bellagio/Bolzano) and how the stirrings of the Great War went largely unappreciated by my aunt due to the lack of our modern ability to communicate news around the world. As well it hints at a classist Victorian view of life. I became acquainted with Princess Salm-Salm, an American princess, who is mentioned twice in the journal, and was astonished to find that Aunt Ray enjoyed drinking beer and mountain climbing. This was a far cry from the little old lady with the thick glasses I had known in my youth... more

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Genealogy: Names I'm interested in: Alvord, Brewer, Cooke, Doust, Esten, Hertzog, Spofford

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